Sunday, 29 September 2013

Speed Coaching Solves the Reputation Problem of Ms Cynthia Aqs

Axe to become a popular employee via 1 2 3 speed coaching

Q4 is upon us; we are resizing our wow-wowish company & 68 heads will be positioned to roll, " in a positve sense, as we migrate to our 2019 growth plan."

Cynthia Axe, the head of our Early Bird Retirement Plan, has never been the most popular employee. She came out the least popular employee for 12 years straight, despite the skirts she wears and the tatoos she displays.

CEO Stan and his brainy wife, Wifey, have called for corrective action for Cynthia. 

Today, we hired a "speed coach" at 0900 am and by 0902 am the coaching series was over with 4 action items having been generated. 

The speed coach uses the 1-2-3 methodology: 1 minute to define the problem; 2 minutes to listen to the solution and 3 minutes to submit the invoice and get paid.

The results are phenomenal and we gladly paid our vendor with a deferred cheque, deferred until our yet to be defined product gets out the door.

Here are the 4 action items generated the speed coach after Cynthia defined the problem (in stage one) as "everyone hates me except Gloria".

1-Cynthia will change the spelling of her last name from Axe to Aqs.
2-Employees invited to a one on one with Ms Aqs will wear a hood and their eyes will be covered; they are to be told they have a meeting with a "senior  axe-ecutive".
3-All signs in the building with EXIT will be changed to AXE-IT.
4-An elevator shoot will be installed in Cynthia's room, so employees can be 'shuttled" to the nearest "axe-it" in a timely manner.

The speed coach uses "appreciative inquiry".  Aq's mission statement for non downsized nerds  is "put your foot on the gas or I'll kick your fat ass".

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