Monday 30 September 2013

Hugh White joins HR department as Head of Diversity

The right honourable Huge White

Hugh White has joined Immature Products-HR as Head of Diversity.

Hugh studied sociology at  Brigham Young University.
Hugh is steeped in diversity; he has a Black neighbour, a Jewish dentist and he loves Chinese food. He dated a 3rd generation American lady who claims she has an India-born grandmother. Hugh married Comrade Ludmilla White, whose roots are Ukrainian.

Hugh has also traveled extensively to the ``Orient``, with his Aunt, aka, Wifey, our CEO`s determined wife.

Hugh will report into Senior EVP of HR and Chief People Officer, Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux.

On this occasion, I wish to announce the untimely departure of a certain Jennifer Papadopolos-Otelini, who is emigrating to Waterloo, Ontario, which is in Canada. Canada is North of Vermont. 

Jennifer will be in the downsizing business, which she learnt from the Mother of All Mentors, Ms Cynthia Axe. Nee is a French word which means `born.``

Let us all bow our heads and pray for Hugh's success.

I sure hope Hugh does not start prying about people's sex life. My belief is that he should focus on the switchboard.


  1. Glo, Glo, Glo....Have I taught you NOTIHING !!! It is not just diversity anymore sister, its Diversity AND Inclusion. And if you want any of those 503 linked Federal US of A contracts my dear you better have 7% of your workforce with disabilities - and no, Winston Wu is NOT disabled, he's just a techie. Of course the US is taking a break and closing their government for respite - sort of like Macy's closing down for the holidays - and you won't be getting anything signed from them - but this will just give you an opportunity to hire and do your part.

  2. Dura Mater,
    Winstom Wu is done done.
    I hardly remember him, except that he was my rep on the diversity committee. If I remember, his gradfather was born in Hong Kong, in the Shatin area.

  3. this blog is a great way to end my day


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