Saturday, 28 September 2013

An email goes astray

Is this a fatal error?

To: Gloria HR
From: Comrade Carl Marks R&D
Subject: Private and for your eyes only

My dear and trusted Gloria,

We have not seen eye to eye yet I need your help as my trusted adviser and tovarish (comrade). You and I can make a great team together.
I will even let you call me Carl if you help me this with the following issue:
Wifey (our CEO's wife) keeps reading these brainless management articles which are a huge drain on my time, because she wants me to act on implementing these idiotic ideas.
Can we cooperate? Just browse these articles and put together an appropriate response for Ms Wifey in order to get that crazy woman off my back. Can do? Get the "ask"?
I trust you will help me, and we can be trusted comrades in our magnificent struggle to be get a product out the door.
With great respect and almost grovelling,
Comrade Carl Marks
PS You have great legs.
PPS Have you read anything about the Battle of Stalingrad?

Fwd To: Wifey
From: Gloria HR
Dear Wifey,
See above, FYI.

No patience for CCM

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