Friday, 13 September 2013

Re organization

Here is a text I sent to "all" following a new re organization, our 12th reorganization this year, proving our flexibility, in line with our core values.

Stan has appointed Carl Marks as 2nd in command. Carl will remain as R&D Czar and Head of Cultural Renewal. Five new values will be added monthly to our list of core values, until we have more values than any other company in the industry. Some of our values will be in Russian and Chinese and Hebraic.

Tim Buck, Carl's Uncle, has been appointed Chairman of the Board. Tim plans to allow Stan a free hand to run the company, in line with Tim's core values. Nepotism will be banned, and Carl will lead the anti-nepotism campaign.

R&D Businesss partner Jennifer Papadopolis-Otelini, who reports ONLY into Carl Marks, will be assume the role Talent Management, Knowledge Management, Human Equity Return Manager, and Retention Consultant. Jennifer will work in close coordination with Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux, who will "stay on" as EVP HR. Cynthia Axe will continue to run the Early Bird Retirement Program, "liasing" with Jenny Papadopolis "as needed".

An HR Think Tank is launched and is headed by Carl Marks, who will "work with Gloria to make it happen". The question is what is IT.

Gloria will maintain her Blackberry Q 10. Jenny gets a Blackberry Z 10. Cynthia Axe gets an old Motorola, which was assembled in the USA.

Winston Wu has announced his retirement, after failing to sync Blackberry Q10 with google calendar. יהיה זכרו ברוך

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