Thursday, 19 September 2013

Intrinsic motivation

I don't inhale my own fumes
Mais non!

I have asked my lowly assistant, Cynthia Axe to prepare a white paper on intrinsic motivation. The plan will be called the Cynthia Plan, as I expect it to be semi-wowish and so so popular.

I wonder, is the term white paper inclusive, diverse, and agile?  I shall ask Heterosexual Hugh White, who heads Diversity about the inclusive and diverse part. (My whole team is lily white.)

CEO Stan and HR will be axe-empt from the Cynthia Plan for Intrinsic Motivation. Why?
  1. Stan is axe-empt because he is a  CEO and HR is axe-cempt.
  2. I am not stupid enough to inhale my own fumes. 

Shevat thinks I am dumb, but I am not that dumb.

Intrinsic motivation may be paperless, global, sustainable, big data, wow wow, wow wow wow, and cloud based, but since 2008, many "major thinkers" think it is baloney. However, it is in line with our core value of slogans which put nerds to sleep.

Intrinsic motivation is baloney?


  1. If the question on the term white paper is serous then please consider how silly we will have become that in order to not offend we second guess every naming convention. In this way we will reduce our manner of communicating to neutral buzz words and our confidence to a level that makes constructive challenge a non-option.

  2. This blog is a satire written by allon shevat. At first many people believ it real