Sunday, 8 September 2013

Don't you understand "The Importance of an Informal Management Team"?

I had not received a text from CEO Stan for a week so I dropped by his office at lunchtime, ostensibly to talk with his cost effective personal chef, K Ray Beauregard-Goldstsein, who has mixed parental heritage. His Mama comes from Quebec City and his father was born in New York.

K Ray had prepared cost effective lasagna for Stan; although Stan is not Italian, he loves lasagna. Thus he was in a jocund mood. I learnt that word at Moose Jaw High School. Moose Jaw is in Canada, for heaven sake.

Around Stan's lunch table sat Stan who was stuffing his fat face, Carl Marks, Head of R&D and #1 on my hit list, and that cunning bit-h, a certain Jennifer Papadopolis-Otelini, Carl's "business partner". Ha! The meeting appeared jovial.

As I walked in Carl bellowed  in a loud voice, "Speak of the devil; Gloria, why not change Cynthia's last name from Axe to Hope".
Stan said" Hey Glo, Jennifer is arranging Russian language lessons for me. Isn't that cool?"

I bent over and whispered in Stan's ear, "what is this meeting about"? Stan said in a loud voice, 'this is an informal management team, Glo. We call it our "kitchen cabinet".

Jennifer asked me to leave since "we are about to discuss a discrete issue". Stan shushed her and said: "Glo MEANS well." Then Stan said, "anything else Glo?"

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  1. Utter madness.