Friday, 6 September 2013

Gloria Ramsbottom: işyeri dışında

I am not in the office until I figure out a new strategy.

IT manager Winston Wu is now more senior than me, having played games and betrayed my trust. I need to recover Big Data and since I do not know what Big Data is, I need  day or two.

Carl Marks, Head of R&D  and his useless HR Business Partner (ha) and puppet, Ms Jennifer  Papadopolois-Otelini have marginalized me.

I need to fire my life time coach (who used to pump gas) and now teaches Appreciative Inquiry via weekly webinar.

I am down but not out! I remember where I come from (Moose Jaw) and where I am going (to teach HR at Harvard)...and all I need is to wait and get a new global coach. Coaches work wonders.

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