Tuesday 24 September 2013

8 Change Management Commandments

Gloria's 4 Change Management Commandments
8 instead of 10 for the sake of Brevity

Until I get certified as a level 4 change manager (which will allow me to add a few letters after my name) I have jumped ahead  and set down some basic guidelines for change management for all our staff. 

These are called Gloria's 8 change management commandments. (Eight in French is huit, pronounced as "wheat")

I must disclose that I have a mission, vision, values and goals: by the end of Q4, all our staff (who know English, Russian, Danish or Hindi) are to be coaches and change managers.

Here are the 8 commandments for change management:
  1. Set high goals, or your head will roll.
  2. Set up a plan and cc Stan**.
  3. Work day and night, or you'll meet your plight.
  4. Work without incentives; to prevent Axe's* counteroffensive.
  5. If you're under the crunch, forgo your lunch.
  6. Forget quality audits-focus on profits.
  7. Stay on target, or you'll be in the job market.
  8. Never deliver late, or Axe* will seal your fate.

*Cynthia Axe heads our Early Bird Retirement Plan. 
**Stan is our CEO; he is not a micro manager-he just wants to know a lot.
Mais oui!

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