Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Carl Violates Our Language Code

In the spirit of collegiality, I dropped into the first "All Hands On" meeting of R&D, lead by Carl Marks, Head of this aforementioned department.

Cynthia Axe was trailing along with me; Ms Axe leads our Early Bird Retirement Plan.

Carl was giving a ppt presentation, and the title of the slide he was explaining was called "Migrating from Control to Empowerment". However, the rest of the slide was in Russian, Chinese and Hebrew.

(I cannot recognize Hebrew script, but Cynthia's life partner of 8 years ago was half Jewish, so she was astute enough to point that out to me. I have a mastery of French).
אני ממש אוהבת  את השפה הצרפתית

Carl spoke in Russian; he asked one of the staff to translate into Chinese. The Israelis don't listen anyway, so Carl focused on the Russian and Chinese language, in violation of our language police-Y.

I asked his HR business partner (a certain Jennifer Papadopolis-Otelini)  from "whence" Carl's language skills, and she replied "Carl is a global manager".

At the end of Carl's  tedious presentation, I asked Carl, "what about the English language, Comrade Carl". Carl snarled "My dear Comrade Ramsbottom; NO ONE speaks English except HR and Sales."

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