Monday, 2 September 2013

Carl Marks appointed R&D Chief; new HR Business Partner "appointed" by Carl

Carl Marks has been appointed R&D chief of Immature Products.
Carl has managed several R&D projects in the past at Uganda Telecom, the Bank of Haiti, North Korean Airlines and the World Data base for Saudi Womens' Rights.

Carl's maternal uncle, Tim Buck, is a member of our Board.

Carl is married and father of 8 kids, who live in Canada, Thailand, Quebec, Vermont and Salt Lake City.

In parallel, a certain (former secretary) Jennifer Papadopoulos-Otellini has been appointed HR Business Partner for R&D. 
Jennifer will report directly into Carl, and "coordinate" dotted line into VP HR, Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux.

I appear to have a challenge on my hands. Jennifer and Carl have worked together for 22 years in what some people describe as a close knit relationship, whatever that means.

For Heaven sake.

This morning, my direct report and Head of Purchasing, Sarah Minnow-Barracuda, reports that Stan has signed off for a pool table, 5 play stations and a squash court for R&D. All engineerings are to receive Blackberry Q10.

A bidet has also been approved for Carl's office, since he appears to suffer from piles of problems, whatever that means.


  1. I'd make sure that Stan doesn't sign off on any other procurement by Carl without some scrutiny by an adult.

    1. Stan and I will have a one on one at the appropriate time, Mr Paul.
      BTW, I think Toronto is a very global city.