Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Вы можете говорить на русском в заседании; 英語禁

Comrade Carl Marks is global

In the spirit of collegiality, I dropped into a "All Hands On" meeting of R&D, lead by Comrade Carl Marks. Cynthia Axe was trailing along with me; Ms Axe leads our semi popular Early Bird Retirement Plan. 

Comrade Carl was giving a ppt presentation named "No Migrating from Control to Empowerment in my shift". However, the ppt was in Russian, Urdu, Chinese and Hebrew. 

I cannot recognize Hebrew script, but Cynthia's life partner of 8 years ago was half Jewish, so she was astute enough to point that out to me. I have a mastery of French, and I am learning Danish to understand some LinkedIn posts. Comrade Carl spoke in Russian; he asked one of the staff to translate into Chinese.  
The Israelis don't listen, so Carl focused on the Russian and Chinese language only, in violation of our language police-Y. 

I asked CEO Stan  from "whence" Carl's language skills, and Stan replied "Carl is a global manager". 

At the end of Carl's  tedious, rambling and unfocused presentation, I asked Carl, "what about the English language, Comrade Carl". 

Carl snarled "My dear Comrade Ramsbottom; NO ONE speaks English except HR and Sales."

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