Monday, 12 August 2013

My staff from Paris seeks advice- a letter from Jean Marie de la Montagne

My Dad spoke to me in French, until my brothers were born.

Thank you for oportunite to ask for  your a(d)vises.
Stan le gros chef attended un concall and le call went after 1600 (4pm). He asked us to invest a majeur effort the next two weeks.
As you know I am certain, we all go home at 1600! 
And for the next two weeks, vacances for all. And this does not mean "vacancies".
Please clarify to Stan za French labor law;  otherwise there will be big manifestation.
Jean Marie

Dear Jean Marie

Stan thinks that Marie is a female name.

Stan even said to me, "Is this global? Is this sustainable? This is like you calling yourself Gloria-William?

Our chef is not Stan; we have no chef. Only Stan does. His name is K Ray Beauregard-Goldstein; he has mixed heritage.

As far as the sentence starting with "Please" and ending with "manifestion", please note that English is our global language.
French may have been global, but was not sustainable.

What a pity. Quelle domage-which does NOT mean, quell all the damage!

Gloria Lemieux.

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