Tuesday 13 August 2013

3 new webinars for our almost global Uzbeckistan vendor

As we transition to vendor-free OD and in order to rid ourselves of OD rabble rousers who promote pain , here are a list 3 new wow wow wow wow wow  (5 wows) webinars, which we have purchased (by barter) from a cost effective vendor in Uzbekistan

Our vendor is now acquiring English language skills, and until that happens, we have a Bangladesh based dubber.

1) Reinventing Yourself in Early Retirement within 30 seconds!  
In this webinar, Cynthia is seen swinging her axe; based on a real story from Pyongyang.

2) The Value of HR as a Canada born Business Partner 

The webinar explains the principles of hero worship and business partnership. Session is 45 minutes; this fascinating webinar includes an interview w Gloria Ramsbottom, and her low level clerk, Ms Cynthia Axe. (Gloria is also seen enjoying her Blackberry Priv)

3) Leadership: Stan, Kim John Un, Putin, Netanyahu and Jose Eduardo dos Santos

On the almost magical parallel between the world's great leaders and our CEO Stan. 
Session is  one hour and 45 minutes; this fascinating webinar includes an interview with Stan, Wifey and moi. which is French. In the film I explain than the un in Kim's name is not French.

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