Monday, 5 August 2013

I am heading for Poland

Stan texted me urgently: "Go to Poland and open a call center; now-Stan."
This is not the first time a certain Stan has ruined my love life, as I was heading off to  Aix to meet a new beau, which is a French word.

Poland is no where near France.

I texted some friends and googled some travel critical tips to Poland which I will share with you all, based on the principle of outreach and transparency, which are words ass-sociated with values. HR deals in values.

Here are 5 top tips:

1) Poland is in Europe.
2) Poland used to be "communistic."Now it is not, but not everyone likes the free, global, sustainable and high powered free market, where individualism florishes, thank Heaven.
3) Many Poles do not like the Russian language. (BTW, No one speaks Russian except a few Russians)
4) The Poles better learn that I am NOT going to recruit anyone whose family name has more than 5 letters.
5) People in Poland have an accent and this is not an issue in our call center, because our product does not yet exist, although it must be serviced. This is in line with our global values of transparency.

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  1. Glo -

    If you meet up with Tadeusz Kościuszko please tell him that he has wonderful trusses on the BQE.....

    merci (that is french)