Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A quality audit for HR

The QA manager (Irene Papadopolis-McGraw)  demanded  an HR quality audit , upon instigation by a certain Winston Wu, my IT direct report and former peer. Wu is my delegate on the diversity team; he was born in Toronto, as was his father. His grandfather may have been born in Hong Kong-Kowloon side.

Stan the spineless coward capitulated and sent off an sms/text both to me and Irene: "Irene: audit Glo's organization within 2 days, Stan"

I convened a meeting-by-text, supported by whatsup, and we agreed on the following parameters:

1) Online and dynamic alignment of number of heads/expected revenue: owned by Cynthia Axe
2) No Russian or Chinese spoken in the dining room: owned by Cynthia Axe and Stephanie her temporary "attendant"
3) HR seen as business partner: owned by Stan
4) Cynthia's Axe voted most valued employee: owned by Cynthia Axe
5) Big Data availability : owned by Winston Wu


  1. What I learned about quality audit for HR in the past is somehow different from the approaches outlined in the posting. I thought this is:

    1. Audit key HR processes to identify non-productive processes,
    2. Following pt 1, audit times spent on non-productive tasks (by role or by process), which do NOT add value to HR or to the company business,
    3. Following 3, cut these non-productive tasks with recognition to employees who suggest ideas (productive ideas, of course).

    That is all for now.
    Hong Kong, China

  2. Dear Caroline,
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