Thursday, 22 August 2013

Gloria is out of office (OOO)

Thank you for texting me.השימוש בעברית אסורה עפ"י חוק  
I appreciate you. I value the Human Resource. 
YOU are SO damn important to me. Where would I be without people to care about....probably in Purchasing. Purchasing and HR are similar....but Purchasing puts the focus on vendors.

I am away on a one day yearly vacation, in line with our core values. I struggle to leave my office , even for a single day. 
(I also struggle to accept that Winston Wu, IT lead, is now my peer.)

If you are Stan, call me and I will drop to my knees. You can reach me by phone, Whatssup, Google Talk or Skype.

If you are not Stan and you want to speak with me about a clerical issue like not receiving a salary, call Ms Cynthia Axe who is looking to for 55 whiners this week to fire.

If you want to discuss sexual abuse, minority issues, our language regulations which forbid the use of all tribal dialects, please submit a formal request in English by registered mail to Ms Cynthia Axe. 
Ms Axe will call you for "a final, grisly, finite and decisive meeting" next week.

To discuss with me the phenomenal  value of HR Business Partnership, call me when I return and we can meet same day.

השימוש בעברית אסורה עפ"י חוק

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  1. GLoria- to simplify your trip I recommend that you simple purchase postcards with pictures of foreign lands and then show everyone the places you know about.