Sunday, 25 August 2013

Back to school policy (police-Y)

Alors, back to school.

CEO Stan asked me to prepare a back to school policy.

Stan briefed me: Stan loves his children and, to a great extent, he somewhat values their education.  Stan also values "child functional independence" (CFI)  and "infant robustness".

Before writing the policy, I consulted my on line life-style coach who has an on line coaching certificate. He used to pump gas and before that, he was is a tattoo master as well! Mais oui!

Anyway, let's get back to the point. Below are the details of the back to school policy, based on augmenting  "child functional independence" and "infant robustness"; implementation starts on Monday morning.
  • Children should return to school un-escorted.
  • Parents should help their children do homework using our "virtual parenting wizard", which is currently in development in Bangalore. Lahore, Jerusalem and other parts of the third world. This wizard will have an interface of 45 languages (including broken English) and is expected to be 78.65% robust .
  • Children should never call parents at work; texts are permitted if fever is over 100, before tax.
HR measurements will monitor compliance with this policy, as part of our "Managerial Maturity" index.

Ms  Cynthia Axe owns compliance  of the back to school policy. Ms Axe is working on improving her popularity, having hired a Reputation Coach, and flashing some cleavage.

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