Thursday, 11 July 2013

We won a huge deal-now hiring! Cynthia Axe off to Damascus.

Stan has finally pulled it off!

Immature Products, our beloved company, has just sold our next (yet to be developed embroynic concept) release to a company in Syria, with its  headquarters in Damascus.That is in the Middle East, east of Babe Ruth. Finally we are hiring!

To be frank and earnest with my readers, we have not hired a soul since 2008 and this presents a huge opportunity both for HR and Ms Axe (Cynthia) in particular to re invent herself.

Ms Axe heads our Early Retirement Plan.

By the way, I have two cousins called Frank and Ernest.

For the last three years, our beloved CEO Stan has told me I am not perky enough and I do not delegate authority.

So Ms Cynthia Axe is off to Damascus all by her lonesome.
This will be my first test case in "wash-my-white-hands" and "hands-off" delegation, as my vibrant coach calls it.
By the way, my coach also flips burgers and is a faith healer.

In Cynthia Axe's  absense, the Early Bird Retirement Plan will operate under my auspices.

I have booked Ms Axe a cost effective ticket on a flight from Ottawa to Montreal, Montreal to Toronto, Toronto to Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv to London, London to Babe Ruth and Babe Ruth to Damascus by truck, to instill a sense of globalism to the American born, lily White, English speaking Ms Cynthia Axe.

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