Saturday, 27 July 2013

A list of characters in this blog

Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux; EVP HR of Immature Products; born in Moose Jaw; her father was Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom; the name Lemieux was taken on to be more global. Gloria is single. Gloria has a Blackberry Q 10.

Cynthia Axe, often referred to as "a certain Cynthia Axe"; Head of the Early Bird Retirement Plan, American, White, Unilingual, sent to Bay Ruth (Lebanon) to reach Damascus to open a new office.
Axe had a short affair with Stan, the CEO. She has had several life time partners, the last of which was K Ray Beauregard-Goldstein. See below.

Stan; CEO of Immature Products. Stan's family name is unknown.

K Ray Beauregard-Goldstein; Stan's cost-effective chef. He has mixed ethnicity.He was as of late a life partner of a certain Cynthia Axe until they split because he feared getting axed one day. Stan loves his lasagna.

Wifey; Stan's powerful, brainy, magazine reading wife. The managerial articles she reads inspires Stan to give marching orders to Gloria.

Sybil Civil; Wifey's sister who pushed Gloria out of a job but when it came time to fire people, she turned out to be a socialist. Sybil's career ended at Mt Nebo. At one time, she was in charge of a drama free environment.

Winston Wu;  former HR-IT Lead and Gloria's representative to Diversity Team. Born in Canada, his grandfather was born (perhaps) in Hong Kong on the Kowloon side in Sha Tin. Winston was a peer of Gloria's and  then "reported into her". Now he is an Executive Vice President (IT) while Gloria is a Senior VP HR, one level below Wu. Winston makes more money than Gloria as well. Winston heads the Big Data campaign, and has usurped HRIS as of late.

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