Friday 21 June 2013

Soft skills, Gungnam Style

Soft skills, Gungnam style

At the hairdresser, Wifey (CEO Stan's better half) read an article on soft skills. Her husband and my CEO Stan texted me: "Glo, improve soft skills for all nerds and leadership within a week".

For heaven sake! I don't need a week!

After consulting with a certain Ms Cynthia Axe, Head of Our Early Bird Retirement and ass-piring coach, here is the plan.

1) We will commission a 90 second Listening Skill Webinar.

2) We will launch a "People Month", once a decade to hail the importance of our people.

3) Whilst downsizing and carrying out her grizzly role, Ms Axe will reach out and listen to peoples' concerns, in an agile and resilient fashion. (BTW, my Dad would hate the word "reach out" and would not understand what it means.)

4) Our HR voice menu will be less abrupt.

5) We will improve the way we run round tables, so that we are all  more tolerant about the uselessness of our Engineering Team.

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