Sunday, 23 June 2013

A certain Ms Cynthia Axe on Good Morning Ottawa

I make my staff shine

A TV station is interviewing a certain Ms Cynthia Axe tomorrow morning on the highly rated Good Morning Ottawa. 

Ottawa is in Canada. Ms Axe heads our Early Bird Retirement Program!

How did this come to pass?

The diligent, young and over zealous reporter looked for folks whose last name reflects their job. He found 3 people for his panel.

Ms Axe, who heads our early Bird Retirement Plan, will appear on the panel with Bill Fireman, who is a fireman, and Francine Hooker, who is not a Sales rep.

CEO Stan is paranoid than about our corporate reputation due to Ms Axe's interview. He thinks Ms Axe "is one of your biggest failures, Gloria".

Thus, I have coached Ms Axe to deliver 3 crisp messages:

1) Early retirement can be a developmental axe-perience, bordering on orgasmic, in a non sexual sense.

2) Ms Axe, being coach and a healer, will claim that the downsizing axe-perience is near painless.

She will emphasize that she attended an anti stress webinar, and can use the initials ASC after her name, "anti-stress coach."

3) Ms Axe gets superb professional guidance from a certain Ms Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux, who herself is a coach, a senior HR axe-ecutive. I have explained to Ms Axe how to pronounce Lemieux. The X is in leh myu. Mais oui!


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