Tuesday 25 June 2013

OD Vendors and Senior HR Executives: The Example of Allon Shevat

A disgrace to his profession

Prompted by our non wow revenue stream generated by the useless bums-turned-heroes in R&D, we have "migrated to vendorless OD program, based on webinars from cost effective vendors in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

In the past, we used to hire OD vendors, or to be more accurate, Stan our CEO, used to hire OD vendors to "get an external perspective". (In the past, Stan did not see the value of hr BUSINESS partnership).

No OD vendor has aggravated me more than a certain Allon ShevatAllon Shevat is proof positive that HR needs to implement vendor-less OD, even were we to have a wow wow  wow revenue stream, like we will in 2018.

A few examples of how this arrogant OD vendor got on my wrong side.

1) His blog is very boring, and used to put me to sleep in mid day.

2) His view of webinars is that they are "limited", alienating and  non-wow. He claims that there is no "transfer of training" in webinars, whatever that means.

3) Worst of all, he believes that Stan "needs to be confronted" even when this is career-threatening, for heaven sake.

4) He travels business class, claiming that 6'3" (194) is very tall; this  is no excuse. I travel economy, and I am very very very very senior.

5) He claims that there are some organizational issues cannot be totally solved, but "pain needs to be managed". Why do we hire consultants in the first place?

6) He claims that HR is the "guardian angel of the status quo". Isn't that nonsense!?

7) He claims that sustainability is just another fad that will come and go. !

8) He claims that knowledge management has sinister motives.

9) He used a Blackberry until very recently.

10) He does not gossip with me because he claims I am not discrete.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant !

    And I do understand your concerns about Mr. Shevat....one must protect the status quo at all costs (and your senior position)


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