Wednesday, 5 June 2013


This is how I am enjoying my spare time.

1) I am taking 4 coaching courses simultaneously. Each course will allow me to add a few letters after my name. 
C.C.-certified coach
CDL-coach de luxe
TC-trilingual coach (English French and Chinese)
USA-understands Scottish accent

 2) I am mastering the Chinese language. I plan to reach fluency within 2 weeks, via web based training.

3) My sister (Claire Ramsbottom-de-la-Montagne) and I are playing
ma jong.

4) I am re-reading the 90,000 page book Heaven on Earth to pick up some of the nuances I missed. I am corresponding with the author about  putting out a brief edition 500 page executive summary via text message.

5) I am pondering my future, shuffling through the 12,000 job offers for senior  global HR roles, in the USA and Ottawa.

6) I tried to read Allon Shevat's serious blog and fell asleep.

7) I am gossiping with a certain Ms Cynthia Ax, a former  HR colleage, presently in servitude to Sybil Civil.

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