Monday, 3 June 2013

200 job offers in 24 hours

Mais oui!
Le mieux!

I have been inundated (not a French word) with job offers for very senior positions (EVP HR). I even get offers from Greece. Africa and Norway.

I have had 200 job offers in the 24 hours day; what appears to make the most impression is:

-my coaching certificate in Human Capital Asset Management
-my vendor free OD police-y
-my ax-ecutive skills
-my passion and untamed lust for the human resource 
-my ability to churn 3 mission statements per month
-the concept behind the Involuntary Early Bird Retirement Plan
-my texting skills (400 words a minute) on 2 Blackberry Phones
-the webinar on Virtual Parenting
-my hyphenated half French last name, as if I was born in Ottawa
-my concern for some minority groups (most)
-my re-engagement skills
-my tattoos and no more questions
-my distaste for Allon Shevat, the "so called" OD consultant, who told Stan I was a disgrace
-the fact that I hired a white heterosexual named Hugh White to Head Diversity.


  1. Lucky Gloria. The world needs you definitely!!! And by the way inundated is not a French word but quite close from 'inonder'.