Sunday, 2 June 2013

Albania Electric Company cancels contract with our conmpany

Instead of working this weekend as I usually do, I was re-reading Heaven on Earth at the home of my sister, Claire Ramsbottom-de-la-Montagne, which is a hyphenated name.

I subscribe to Software Industry news-via-sms and lo and behold,  I have just received a text that our company's key client, Albania Electric is cancelling a  40 M dollar contract due to the "late" delivery of our non existent product.

I imagine that a huge "reshaping" of our company will need to take place to "align" headcount with a "different" cash flow.

I do know that a certain Ms Axe (Cynthia), Head of Early Bird Retirement, is healing a broken heart and is nowhere to be found. (She is in Mt Laurier, Quebec)

Ms Ramsbottom-Lemieux, EVP HR (reserves) and certified coach, is pondering her next steps in life and is "currently unavailable".

A certain witch, Sybil Civil, Wifey's sister, is the only member of the HR team available yet due to work life life life life life  balance, Sybil closes her I-phone on the weekend.

I DO hope Wifey has purchased Stan's anti-acid medicines.

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