Sunday, 2 June 2013

Albania Electric Company cancels contract with Immature Products

Instead of working this weekend as I usually do, I was re-reading Heaven on Earth and 5 Questions that Change Everything here at the home of my sister, Claire Ramsbottom-de-la-Montagne, which is a hyphenated name.

I subscribe to Software Industry news-via-sms (text) and lo and behold,  I have just received a text that  Immature Products key client, Albania Electric is cancelling a  40 M dollar contract due to "late" delivery.

I imagine that a huge "reshaping" of R&D will need to take place to "align" Immature Products headcount with a "different" cash flow.

I do know that a certain Ms Ax (Cynthia), Head of Early Bird Retirement, is healing a broken heart and is nowhere to be found. (She is in Mt Laurier, Quebec)

Ms Ramsbottom-Lemieux, EVP HR (reserves) and certified coach, is pondering her next steps in life and is "currently unavailable".

A certain witch, Sybil Civil, Wifey's sister, is the only member of the HR team available yet due to work life life life life life  balance, Sybil closes her Iphone on the weekend.

I DO hope Wifey has purchased Stan's antiacid medicines.

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