Saturday, 8 June 2013

After Stan washed my feet, I cleaned out R&D

What a sense of pride I felt as our great leader washed my feet as a sign of recognition of HR's dedication to the Human Resource here at Immature Products.
Recognition is very important. But not as important of the removal of a certain Sybil Civil, whose career ended at Mt Nebo.

Within 20 minutes of entering the building:-

  • 80 engineers were horizontally emigrated from Immature Products, while in the background, Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians, played "Frere Jacques"
  • All 80 engineers received my new book "Life Begins at 40" at a discount and with my autograph.
  • All 80 engineers received a massage from Health and Stress Coach, Cynthia Axe, who also heads our Early Bird Retirement Plan.
  • Office space which was liberated from the engineers now belongs to the IT "sub-unit" (including Big Data), which now reports into  EVP HR Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux.
  • Mr Winston Wu, former Head of the former IT Department, was "rebranded" IT "lead" and Diversity Champion.
  • All 80 engineers received a T Shirt embroidered with -Axe Pluribus, Unum

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