Friday, 31 May 2013

Ms Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux leaves work at mid day

Our CEO Stan texted me and asked me to join a discussion that Stan was having with a certain Sybil Civil, his sister-in-law and my so-called employee. Sybil is responsible for civil discourse and drama prevention at Immature Products.

Stan told me that he was inviting to Sybil Civil to join management meetings, "to ensure that they are civil". 

Stan added, "Glo, this is no challenge to your authority whatsoever  so don't worry." Stan then told me that it was time to upgrade Sybil to a Blackberry Q10 and then added, "I would like Sybil to more more involved in guiding Ms Ax (Cynthia), the head of YOUR "Early Bird Retirement Plan". 

Sybil Civil "issued" a minor snicker.

I left Stan's room and I am on my way home. I need time to "think". 
I have always been Stan's chief strategist, and now it is time for me to strategize about myself (and Jean-Marie), which is a French name.

Ms Ax (Cynthia) , always an astute politician, texted me asking me if she could continue with plans to recruit expensive nerds for our Big Data Department. I texted her back "thanks for your text, and I shall get back to you when the first agent becomes available".


  1. This cannot be!

  2. Now Glo - perhaps you would feel better if you put on that low cut blouse and short tight skirt with the very high black heels before you went back to work.