Monday 6 May 2013

Cheap and successful webinars make HR shine

Cheap and successful webinars make HR look good

We had several problems on our hands until this morning:

  • not so wow cash burn rate
  • slovenly work done by our 3rd world burnt out engineering team
  • non wow lack of dialogue between Sales and R&D
  • a followership issue, backed up by big data
Today however,we had a wow wow wow  "Align for Success" Cooking Lesson, led by a cook from Lahore Pakistan, who facilitated the session by Skype. (The cook is also a big data attendant, as it were).

Lahore is not the French word for "prostitute".

The level of the  cook's English was reasonable and global (but not sustainable). Most people understood 30% of what he said, some of the time. 

The R&D folks cooked up the meal and fed it to our Sales team, then to CEO Stan and to Ms Cynthia Axe, Head of our Early Bird Retirement Plan.

Sales folks then threw the meal at Sales, at Ms Axe and at   Hugh White (from Diversity).

An illegal immigrant from our community  cleaned up the mess. 

It was so much fun. The satisfaction was 9.5.

Only one person had a nasty comment: "the Ramsbottom  bitch outdid herself with her irrelevance".

CEO Stan now believes we are aligned with success. So do I. And the webinar was pro bono.

HR can and does solve problems without costly HR interventions. Mais oui.


  1. A complaint is a gift. Gloria and Stan should learn to say "thank you"

    1. I am very liberal, so I have oked your non global and unsustainable comment, Mr Paul.


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