Sunday, 26 May 2013

Is Gloria about to be fired? A Saga vis a vis (that's French) the book "Five Questions That Change Everything"

Wifey just read a book "Five Questions ThatChange Everything" by a certain John Scherer.(John is a global name. Scherer is a semi global name.)

Wifey loved the book, as did her cronies at the "Global and Sustainable Book Club". Wifey is quite a bookworm, and a closet academic.

 "Stanley, you must have all your staff read this book; it will make your company a better place to work", blurted Wifey to our CEO, Stan as he snoozed off while watching the evening newscast which focused on a British soldier being decapitated.

Stan texted me the next morning  to buy a certain John Scherer's book from MY HR budget, and I stalled and dragged my (high) heels; for heaven sake's, I have almost no budget

Besides, what type of consultant writes a book with questions?And five of them to boot! 

Ms Cynthia Ax (Head of our Early Bird Retirement Program) texted me and told me that wifey's sister, a certain Sybil Civil, one of MY employees, bought the Scherer book for ALL employees on Wifey' s credit card. All employees have been asked to read this book within a week!

 I must tell you how much I dislike this book of this Scherer.  I need 5 answers, not 5 questions:

1-Why is Wifey so dominant?
2-Is Sybil my replacement?
3-Why does our product not sell in a wow like manner?
4-Will Blackberry Q10get a Waze apps?
5-Will someone I like in Provence call me? Provence is in France.

I need 5 answers, for heaven sakes. Not questions.


  1. This much be the wildest blog I have ever read.
    At first I thought she was for real. I am in finance but someone forwarded the blog to me. Thanks for making my day. Maybe create a finance blog?

  2. The UU's have a program on 5 questions of theology. Everything has 5 questions - what is the big deal about 5?