Saturday, 25 May 2013

360 degree feedback

360, before tax

Our CEO Stan has a wife named "Wifey", and Wifey read an article on " 360 degree feedback".

Wifey said to Stan over breakfast: "Stanley, why not have that lovely 'girl' Gloria Lemieux implement 360 for you-it seems to me to be so progressive; it "solves" so many problems. Maybe it will "enable" you to get home earlier, my poor husband".

Wifey worries about Stan, especially when Ms Axe spends time doodling in his office. Ms Axe heads our Early Bird Retirement Program.

Stan texted me this evening about this matter, whilst I was visiting my sister's home (Claire Ramsbottom-de la Montagne). 

"Glo, 'roll out' 360 degree feedback this week. Get it done and over with by Thursday, and see if we can eliminate a layer of management of under performers while you are 'at it'. And Glo, summarize the 360 in more than 3 truckloads of  Big Data by Friday. Thx. Stan"

Stan also left me a voice message, "Leave me 'out of the loop" with 360 Glo.  I am too busy with the banks."

Stan sent me a "Whatsap"-If Comrade Carl Marks wants to implement 360 done in Russian, tell him that he will be fired. Enough is enough. No one speaks Russian in business anymore".


  1. Why do the shareholders put up with Stan? A 360 on him would reveal a lot, provided Gloria was able to click what she really thought.

    1. Mr Paul, Stan spends a lot of time "managing shareholder expectations", which is very sustainable on his part.
      They love his promises for 2018...which promises to be a very good year. Stan reminds me of Trudeau, although he has the delivery capabilties of a certain "Tim Buck.