Wednesday, 15 May 2013


добрая весть:

I know about  the huge number of people who follow this blog in Russia, whereever that is.
Stan has asked me to visit our Moscow office due to morale problems!
This may be good news for Russia and Stan.
Stan also gave me tickets to see a show called киска бунт.
This is the end of the good news.

Плохие новости:

The Russians have had bad morale for years! What the hell can I do? Can I change  genetic code? 
I also do not have the right skill set; I am a GLOBAL, not a local HR manager.
I do not understand Russian. 
I do not plan learning this language.The books in this language are too long, and everyone gets killed in the end anyway.

Stan told me go to the show anyway, because "maybe you can also pick up some Russian".  Does anyone think learning Russian is sustainable? Russians should be learning English! For heaven sakes! I also speak and text in English and  in French, which is VERY global. Learning Russian is passe, as we say in French.

Is Stan's behaviour sustainable? Is this the way to treat a senior HR business partner with a seat at the table. Why doesn't he go to Russia?
For heaven sakes! I do not want to go to visit for 3 days.  I am a GLOBAL HR manager. This makes no sense.
Does anyone think I love the cold? Does anyone think I want to sit in traffic jams? Is that a good use of my time?
I have asked a certain Ms Cynthia Ax, who heads our Early Bird Retirement Plan, to replace me, but she can't.
I  also MUST know if my new Blackberry Priv works in the severe cold.


  1. Here you go glo - to make you feel a little better about Россия

  2. Bon voyage Gloria (that's French)

    1. I hope Moss Cow is not far from France.

  3. As with all things "global", how far away France is depends on wbere from.

    1. Paul,
      Is this reletavism sustainable?
      Is it 'green'?