Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cultural Training needed for 6 engineers heading to Japan.

6 non-wow-delivering and "partially" eloquent engineers go to Japan to meet a potential customer. Japan is in Asia.

I have been told that the Japanese have their unique ways, which is their prerogative  as far as Stan is concerned.

I briefed Stan about Japan:
  •  Many global cell phones don't work well in Japan because they have a non global network.
  • It is easier to understand a Scot than a Japanese in a con-call.
  • The Japanese take their customers very seriously and almost worship them like God.
  • In Japan, folks have a work work work work work work work work work life balance.
  • HR in not strategic, but rather clerical, as opposed to the US where HR managers are strategic partners.
  • Japanese does not use the normal global alphabet.

 Stan says "I'm fine with all that Glo-just get those bums in Engineering some training", said He.

I am looking for 30-45 minutes of training with the following takeaways:-

1-Understand con calls with Scot and Japanese participants.
2-Explain to the Japanese that we sure don't treat our customers like God.
3-Ensure the Japanese don't schedule calls on July 4th, a global holiday.
4-For heaven sakes, just get the cell phones to work.
5-Use our global alphabet.
6-Ensure the better positioning of HR.
Please apply asap.

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