Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Improvement via being Positive-and the word "sex" is mentioned

Stan (our CEO) encourages our staff at Immature Products to introspect, contemplate and suggest ways we can improve our semi wow deliveries and make our clients even more less unhappy.

Civil Sybil, who is in charge of civil discourse, has put together guidelines for a positive and moe appreciative inquiry about way to make our firm a bit firmer.

1) Stan will now be addressed as Sustainable Stan.
2) Gloria (c'est moi) will be addressed as Global and Sustainable Gloria.
3) The company does not always encourage texting whilst driving.
4) Sex (within limits) is "personal time off" or on, or...whatever.
5) The word challenge should be used instead of the word problem.
6) The word "---k off" can only be used when addressing delays in time tables.
7) Work work work life balance should be replaced with work work work work work work li-- balance." The word life need not be fully spelt.
9) If you want more resources, kindly read the terms of our Early Bird Retirement programme, at our downsizing portal.
10) Please consider this message as Big Data.

1 comment:

  1. Where do you get all these ideas from.....I know....you read our company email.