Saturday, 2 March 2013

Vendor needed to develop new webinar for 50000 USD

This is an RFP for 2 new wow talent management webinars.

1) Our not so firm firm must train five (cinq) sales folks to sell, install, and collect payment for products and ideas in the early  (semi embryonic) development stage.

The webinar must deal with wining, dining, womanizing, enlisting sleazy agents and power point pyrotechnics.  If  the webinar vendor has a French, American or German accent and a lovely lily white face and grey hair, preference is given. (Hugh White from Diversity is out of the loop).

2) We want one webinar that both on boards and downsizes a nerd, whilst getting sufficient output during the throughput.

We charge you 50000 USD for the webinar  but you get exposure to many big data and IoT nerds who will soon leave our wow company and may hire your services somewhere else. 
We may also hire you for next year's agile Womens' Day webinar.

Good deal

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