Monday, 18 March 2013

Agile Sustainability Platform

Ms Axe's mutterings

Our sustainability platform will be rolled on next week, with "knowledge management" serving as a key "piece" of this  platform.

Here are the cornerstones of our "ongoing commitment to sustainability".

1-CEO Stan's leadership sustains us in hard times. "Our cup runneth over." +

2-Hard work sustains our families.

3-Innovation sustains our Immature Product Division, But for heaven sake, these useless bums need to get a product out the door.

4-The distance of the cost effective parking lot from our main building sustains our health.

5-HR fosters a sustainable culture of niceness, compliance, hard work, harder work, work weekends if needed, and work work work work life balance.

6-Cost effective webinars sustain our vendor-less OD policy.

7-Morale is sustained by being nice. Being nice is sustained by HR, OD and our local chemist (pharmacist)

+muttered by Cynthia Axe

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