Monday 18 March 2013

Knowledge Management as an Enabler of Early Bird Retirement

Knowledge Management arouses me

In order to enable part of our staff to enjoy the benefits of our "Early Bird" Retirement Program, we are implementing Knowledge Management, starting next week. 

KM is HR's domain, just as much as Big and Medium-sized Data is in IT's domain (in close cooperation with HR).

CEO Stan has asked that the Knowledge Management  function will create sustainability, which is the best buzz word I have ever heard. 

When Stan uses the word "sustainability", he gets very.....well...almost aroused.  Personally, I get aroused from Internet of Things.

I am looking for a compliant, pliable, cost effective, OD vendor (native language English-with posh British accent) to prepare a 2 minute webinar outlining how to implement knowledge management "in a timely fashion", whilst explaining how KM contributes to sustainability. 

The vendor should be nice, civil and must  emphasize that no jobs will be lost "for the time being" as we transfer knowledge to portals.

Preference will be given to vendors who have fluent native English speakers  based in Tajikistan. I want a vendor who is very cost effective. The vendor shall pay me a management fee..

CEO Stan ask that Knowledge Management be "driven" by Cynthia Axe, since it is a "recruiting enabler" for Early Bird Retirement.

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