Saturday, 23 March 2013

Stan's wifey read a Health Magazine

Stan landed in Singapore and sent me a text.
Wifey (Stan's magazine-reading wife) sent him an email about a wow company which takes care of people's health issues on site; morale is wow ;  sick days are down.

Stan asked me to roll out a program by April 1st.

The follow organizational announcement will be texted to all employees.

1) Our firm’s health is our firm’s wealth. "Stan"
2) HRs role is to enhance employees health whilst ensuring work work work life balance, in a cost effective manner in the spirit of humanism and sustainability.
3) Ms Cynthia Ax, Head of our Early Bird Retirement Plan, will finish (and begin) her degree next week in holistic treatment, and will offer anti-anxiety treatment to those invited to meet with her.
4) Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux will become a health coach, specializing in work therapy to aid hypochondria.
5) The menu in the dining area will be adapted to health and wealth-and will be aligned accordingly, whatever that means.
5) For those sitting at their desk with "piles" of problems, please consult Ms Ax for suggested remedies.

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