Friday 1 March 2013

Social Responsibility-I am in a panic

Our cunning and ambiguous leader, Stan, has asked me to come with and implement a ten point social responsibility plan within a week.

I only have 3 points. Please help with 7 more...this is what I have till now-

1) Employees have a social responsibility to write about our company in a positive fashion on their FB page and Linked In.

2) Female employees should not over socialize with Stan, for heaven's sake.

3) Employees have a social responsibility to support a work work work work work work work work work work work work life balance, and work one weekend a month developing code, whilst strengthening their family life via virtual parenting.

I need 7 more!!!! Can you help?


  1. What about: "Employees have a social responsibility to accept the transfer of their job to a lower wage country citizen. It save money to the company and create a great job elsewhere"

  2. Voila! Why I not think of this. Merci!
    Gloria Lemieux

  3. Well, FWIW, I think employees that are truly loyal and who truly appreciate the extent to which they are beholden to their employers would voluntarily undergo sterilization so as to avoid any work vs family conflicts in the first place. Not coincidentally this would have the long-term or strategic benefit of reducing the population thereby better matching it with available jobs.

  4. Fred
    Are you stationed in the third world for a long time? This is a very unique tribal insight. Merci.

  5. Cost cutting can be saved if employees participate in the cleanliness and upkeep of the office. Rotating turns at cleaning bathrooms and other public places. As a reward one employee can be selected weekly to vacuum. This is only reasonable as the employees are the ones making the mess. This sets a good example for their children, makes them appreciate cleanliness, and saves dollars.

  6. Socially resposible employees who is parents should program their children like agile computers, kind of.


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