Friday 1 March 2013

Work work work life balance and virtual parenting

My father, Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom, was not a virtual parent.
Mais non!

Under the leadership of our great CEO Stan, we have developed a webinar about Virtual Parenting. 

The webinar was made by a vendor in Turkmenistan, who is learning English. Turkmenistan is not in Turkey.

The webinar has 3 parts:

1) Discipline via Skype (90 seconds)
2) How to take part in con-calls at dinner, and feed your demanding brat simultaneously (15 seconds)
3) How to keep your kids quiet when your boss is speaking.....for heaven's sake. 

(This wow webinar includes a demonstration! Warning-foul language may be encountered; not for born again or gentle souls.)

  • HR supports virtual parenting.
  • HR supports your well being, to a certain axe-tent
  • And HR supports work work work work work life balance.
  • HR supports digital detox, en francais


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