Monday, 25 March 2013

Making Holidays Global-Passover is Cancelled

In the spirit of globalism, all tribal holidays will be unified into one lovely wow wow wow holiday; the date of this holiday is to be announced in a timely fashion.

Passover (a Jewish tribal holiday) is cancelled, starting immediately.

If I were Chinese (which I am not)+ I would not my hold my breath waiting for the Chinese New Year either.

Stan loves globalism.Stan also believes in diversity .Both  are key buzzwords, almost like sustainability, but not quite. (I admire Stan. When Stan leaves, I probably will  admire his replacement.)

Globalism and diversity work hand in hand and I sure hope that this creates sustainability, because our new products do not create sustainability, for heaven's sake.

Stan salutes globalism.
"To be global means not to be immobile" Stan

+ I was born in Moose Jaw, Canada.
 I now serve in a senior managerial role in Human Resources and I am an assistant professor of Coaching at an online University.

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