Sunday, 17 March 2013

Be nice to Stan Week-and be nice in general-for heaven sakes

Next week is Stan's birthday.

He will be traveling (first class) to Singapore (then on vacation in Samui). In Spore, he is meeting with our less-than-fully-happy client vis a vis (that's French) our latest software release, which was wow, but not wow enough. (Imho Immature Products Division folks are useless scum.)

On Facebook, LinkedIn and other heinous venues that  HR cannot control, there has been some "not nice" comments about Stan, Ms Ax, HR and our Virtual Parenting Plan.
I feel shame at peoples' behaviour, so we are taking corrective action, "in a timely fashion."

1) Starting today, we all need to be nice to Stan. Which means respecting him and showing dignity, working 14 hours a day, and not losing the new work work work life balance smartphone.

2) Praise Stan publically and in the toilet, whilst talking on the phone, especially when Stan is managing by walking around.

3) Kindly refrain, if you can, from commenting on Ms Cynthia Ax. True, she has her faults (she and Stan appear well coordinated) and she is  not swift  and "timely" enough, but she "tries harder" than most (Down) Re-sizing Managers to keep a smile on everyones' face, via humanistic-driven resizing.

4) In general, please be nice. Smile, be polite, refrain from not being nice. We will soon have a new webinar on "How to Succeed via Avoiding Controversy". A cost effective compliant OD consultant will monitor this.

5) HR wants you to be happy, not only nice. As do most OD consultants, except the trouble makers, who over charge. We can refer you all to a chemist (pharmcist).

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