Thursday, 21 March 2013

Holacracy coaching

CEO Stan (in his infinite wisdom) sent me to become a certified coach.
The course (Advanced Coaching 898) was given by The Coaching Institute near the public school I went to in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, which is in Canada. 

I could not attend the sessions, but I called in on Skype and also I got a Whatsapp file about what was taught in each of the 6 modules.
  1. What is coaching in the context of wow wow wowism.
  2. Setting Goals
  3. Asking Bright Questions
  4. Building an action plan
  5. Follow up on action plan 
  6. Moonlighting and Bar-tending
I came in first in the class; I was "born a coach". That is what my professor said.

Stan has now asked me to serve as chief coach.
He asked me to coach all the staff, except the management.

I also may be moonlighting a bit as well with my new skills- I plan doing end to end, specialized and general coaching on:
  1. Sycophant Enhancement for the Ladies of HR and RH
  2. Downsizing via Skype
  3. Texting whilst Driving
  4. Hiring by Whatsapp
  5. Holacracy, Bureaucracy and Sloganeering
  6. Digital Detox-Detox digitale
Holacracy coaching


  1. Perhaps this will call for a new arrangement in your life, Gloria: work, work, work, work, life, moonlighting balance.

    1. Peut-etre (that is French for maybe).
      However, I multi task, so I can coach by texting even whilst working.
      Merci for avoir lire my blog.

  2. Don't you do Putting on Mascara Whilst Driving? That's the one I really want.

  3. Only when I am not texting.