Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hunting for a few vendors

Stan has delivered quite a few high level messages this past week, as the roll out of our Immature Product Divisions' new releases (0.000001-.1) encounter natural and "wow" "bumps" in the road and revenue forecasts "are adjusted".

Stan has stressed the need to achieve a work work work work life balance, improve team work between the spoiled, self centered sales team and the slower-than-a turtle Immature Products division. He (or she), ie, Stan, has also emphasized the role of virtual parenting and reaffirmed his support of women's' rights, to the delight of all our staff.

Some of these messages need re enforcing  for heaven's sake. The HR webinar on compliance did help, YET further work by an OD "vendor" "will be beneficial, claims  Stan, who over rules me from time to time,

I shall be hiring 3 OD externals with the following specs.

1`) Compliant and innovative.
2) Fiercely loyal to HR
3) Cost effective, cheap and inexpensive
4) Never ever contact Stan directly
5) Nice Mid Western accents
6) Use the word "global" and "sustainable, 3-4 times an hour.
7) Have a family name which is easy to spell,

The scope of work will be determined after looking into item 2, above.

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