Monday, 11 March 2013

Updating Our Values-URGENT

Our great leader, Stan, updated us all on our revised revenue targets. Stan was at his (her) best.

Although Stan will need "to manage" the Board, he (she) believes that it can be done.

I need to re-size our company; Miss Ax and I will both create a new "Wow Retirement" outplacement  program, under the auspices of  our local firing range.
All folks who "move on" will get a book which I authored "Life begins at 40". (This offer is not available in Nebraska, nor in the Isle of Man).

Stan texted me and asked me to issue a new value pack by tomorrow.

I need 3 values which will inspire, motivate and help internalize organizational messages.
The values should not be sexist as there is a heightened fear of sexism in this blog, because the author of this satiric blog is a male, disguised (omg) as a female. WE ALL know that there are VERY few female HR managers and most CEOs are women. Please align the values accordingly.



  1. McDonalds had Quality, Service, Cleanliness, Value. But we've already got Value, since it is a Value Pack. So let's keep the other three. You only need three, and let's put them back to front so nobody can accuse us of copying. Which puts cleanliness first, which, as you know, is so, so, important in a global company.


    Cleanliness, Service, Quality.

    Nothing sexist about that.

  2. Merci M Geoffrey,
    I REALLY appreciate use of the French langauge.
    Tres mondial.
    I hope all this can also be implemented in a timely fashion. I need implementation in a week.