Thursday, 28 February 2013

Working from home-the philosophy of Gloria Ramsbottom

Too many people are discussing this minor and aggravating issue.
It is subversive to work from home.
Everyone in the world knows that working from home makes no sense.
People shirk, read and post on Facebook, dither and stall.
At the office work is work.
In the Office, HR can drive cultural change. What can HR do if workers are at home, for Heaven's sake.
All over the world people know this-ask anyone in Warsaw, Salt Lake City or Rabat, which is in Morocco.
We in HR have a new mission statement:
In your home you work?-don't be a jerk.


  1. Ms. R-L

    Don't want to shock you but

    Poeple dither, shirk, read and post on FB and stall at the office as well.

  2. Dear Dura,
    Perchance are you a Communist?
    Are you located in Pyongyang?

  3. I work from home and I can tell you I get more work done here than from an office, which I did for almost 15 years.

    Working from home is a culture in itself, and HR needs to get on-board with it at more companies instead of thinking it is a way for people to shirk their duties.

    Agreed, there are people who are not capable of working from home effectively due to their work ethic, or the job they need to perform. But when you are talking about mid to upper level employees who are proven performers, it is actually a little offensive to think that they do not have the self discipline to work no matter where they are.

    I am independent and capable of managing my own schedule, I don't need someone to look over my shoulder to ensure I am working. In most cases when I worked out of an office, I could go days without even seeing my direct supervisor or someone above him. So what was accomplished by my driving to work and sitting in my office, driving home, etc.

    That cost me well over 2 hours a day. And of course I usually started work at the same time and would leave at relatively the same time.

    From home, I log on and start working or take calls as early as I want/need to. I can be on a conference call without being showered/dressed/eaten breakfast, etc. and then after that call get ready.

    I don't have a problem with having meetings that don't start until 6 or 7 at night because it's not like I will waste my time at the office until that call, now I can do other things at home for an hour and then get on the call. Once I am off the call, I am done and go back to my family, friends, whatever.

    To be honest it all comes down to one thing, Am I productive and do I meet or exceed the goals that are assigned to me? If I do, then what's the difference to my company if I put a load of laundry in the washer in the middle of the day, or take my dog for a walk.

    I am a much happier employee than I ever was when I was working out the office and I still meet/exceed all my goals.

    I have yet to see HR drive much of anything in any company I have worked at for the last 20 years, in most cases it is difficult enough just to get an answer on benefits. I went for 9 years at a company where my official title was incorrect in HR documentation, even though both myself and my manager had repeatedly pointed it out, not that I care about the title, but it would be nice if someone called for a reference and were told the right info by HR.

  4. HR is a major enabling business partner with client focus (management) and mission critical tools (webinars and downsizing). We cannot have people working from home! How can we fire them!!!

  5. Has Gloria checked her VPN logs lately? Like Marissa Mayer, get the facts (opinions are not facts). See

  6. I am working from home some 5 year. I was working for me and I achieve great results, as well as freelancer for some UK and SRB companies. Now I work from office and from home... Work from home is better then work from home only because it is possible to get fast response and feedback from colleagues, which is not possible from home... but Skype can solve that problem... However... that is just my philosophy...