Sunday, 17 February 2013

If you text whilst driving, get insurance

Try not to text whilst driving yet be available

CEO Stan sent me his entire safety and health credo in a simple Whatsapp message:  "Gloria, tell the Internet of Things nerds that we truly care about their well being, as long as they answer their fucking text messages in real time, even when driving, as needed".

So what is Stan's stance on texting while driving?  CEO Stan objects to texting whilst driving. After all, we are a "people company". In parallel, Stan demands constant availability, in line with our core value of "responsiveness". 

Thus, our corporate position on texting whilst driving is both safety and responsive-oriented, flavoured by sacred core values.

So how will HR provide an appropriate response? Via appropriate insurance, of course!

In the spirit of caring for the human resource, HR has contracted an insurance vendor in Bolivia who may cover a few claims for injuries caused by texting whilst driving. Spare parts will be provided.

The La Paz based insurance vendor is now learning both English and the insurance business. This insurance vendor will soon have a phone line and email address.

Our IoT nerds must purchase this voluntary insurance. Those who opt out risk being sent back to their tribal homeland, be it in the under developed countries, or worse.

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