Friday 22 February 2013

3 concrete examples: how to enhance HR business partnership

I try harder

Many folks from all over the world (eg, Poland, Brunei, Slovenia, Slovenia and even the UK) ask me how I have managed to cement such a solid business partnership with my CEO Stan, who has driven our company into the ground, in a positive sense.

A few tips based on big won't hurt!

1) We talk about work work work work life balance, not work life balance.

2) Although our company has switched from Blackberry to Samsung. Stan asked me if I could arrange a Blackberry Priv for him, without anyone knowing. 

3) Stan has asked that the Head of our Resizing and Early Retirement Program,  a certain Miss Cynthia Ax  accompany him on his trip to London, "due to the nature of the business we will be doing". Now I am not sure what Stan is doing in London. However Miss Axe will be allowed to accompany him, and I will continue to re size out company next week---as 15 engineers an hour will be sent to pasture, to spend times with their grateful families.

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