Wednesday, 17 January 2018

On pleasing clients from shit hole countries

Digestive issues

Comrade Carl Marks, our chief nerd, has been in Denmark attending a Happiness Seminar Using a Blockchain".The Comrade told me upon his return that "there is no fucking way of being happy when the sun goes down at 230 pm". 

However the Comrade did return from his seminar with a "grand idea for which I need support from the first lady of HR". To that end, Comrade Carl invited me for breakfast as 2 PM, claiming that he is jet lagged.

Comrade Carl ordered a 18 slice American-sized, super huge pizza and a bottle of scotch for lunch. After he finished eating, burped then apologized, he said, "Gloria, our clients' intelligence is severely lacking. Our finicky clients have a penchant for functionality whilst our products are well known for their technological sophistication. This creates some dissonance . My plan to is augment our  clients' intelligence with AI. The way that I see it, I own the AI strategy and you, Gloria, own the implementation. After all, you are a lady of action."

I forgot to tell you readers that I don't eat breakfast at 2 PM. So I ordered a bottle of mineral water and a bran muffin, for my digestion. I often have digestive problems after I speak to Comrade Carl.

I told Comrade Carl that augmenting our clients' intelligence with AI is no big deal. However, I told the comrade that I am capable of doing so only in English, French and Viennese German.

Comrade Carl jumped to his feet and bellowed, "Gloria, our clients come from shit-hole countries, where no one really speaks any language all that well, let alone English."

I promised Carl that I would commission an offshore vendor to "address this issue in a timely fashion using a blockchain."

Carl hugged me and whispered in my ears, "Kibinimat Gloria, you have the nicest legs this side of  DimitrovgradRussia".

Shit-hole clients

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