Monday, 1 January 2018

My 2018 New Years Resolutions

Never one to be influenced by public opinion and populist social media, I am making resolutions for 2018. Oui! And I will follow up on these resolutions, using new software which I have just downloaded on my 3 smartphones, in line with my core values of downloading new software all the time.

I have limited myself to 3 resolutions, in line my core values of being brief. 

1) I will not overuse the term blockchain. True, I did pile the cold cuts high, as it were, about bigdata and peopleanalytics, but I won't do so for blockchain, Blockchain is like sex; if you overdose, it becomes routine. Heavens, who needs a routine blockchain!

2) Following the huge numbers of Germans who read mine blog, I plan to perfect my Viennese accent. Most of the German speaking crowd think that I'm Bavarian. This will change. 

3) I will cease and desist from teasing the Danes about how happy they are. Instead, I will promote the Danish way of achieving happiness, ie, Cipralex. My 150 year old Mum started taking Cipralex and she feels happier than a pig in shit. And she meets new people every day.

OK, I will add one more.

4) HR is not dead. No, it's alive and kicking. This having been said (I love that expression), I will take an on-line course or a PhD in Investment Banking, so that I can eventually return my chips and retire in a nice cozy place like Sudbury in Ontario, Glasgow which is in England or Darwin which is in Australia. 

Vienna here I come

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