Thursday, 19 November 2015

4-ways to become a truly authentic leader

authentique-c'est moi

If you ask me, you do not need to use big data or hail from Scandinavia or Denmark to acknowledge the importance of authenticity.

As a matter of fact, HR under my helmsmanship sees authenticity views pretty much the same way that Angela Merkel views the absorption of hundreds of thousands Middle East refugees who are on the run. 

By "on the run", I am not referring to a stomach ailment. (My Dad used to use Philips Milk of Magnesia).

The complexity of authenticity is in its implementation, especially since HR is both senior business partner and plays host (weekly) to People Day, every Tuesday.

I cannot give away all my secrets about how I remain genuine and authentic, but I can share a few, in line with the core values of lip service to a sharing economy.

a- On people day, I sign my name, Authentically yours, Gloria.
b-I shed a (crocodile) tear when downsizing people over 64.
c-Although I am a refined lady, I smile at sexist and chauvinist jokes, much to the chagrin of the White heterosexual boy who manages Diversity, Hugh White.
d-I use smileys to show delight. ;) ;) 

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